Krista & Rob’s Garden Winery Wedding

garden winery wedding

On Canada Day (July 1), Krista & Rob’s garden winery wedding ceremony took place at the stunning Starling Lane Winery and their reception followed at the Beach House restaurant.

garden winery wedding garden winery wedding garden winery wedding garden winery wedding

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Theresa & Miguel’s Mountain Lodge Wedding

mountain lodge wedding

The gorgeous setting of Hillside Lodge & Chalet was the picture perfect setting for Theresa & Miguel’s mountain lodge wedding.

mountain lodge wedding mountain lodge wedding mountain lodge wedding mountain lodge wedding

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Ruth-Anne & Andrew’s Elegant Ballroom Wedding

elegant ballroom wedding

The dazzling venue with sparkling chandeliers created the perfect setting for Ruth-Anne & Andrew’s elegant ballroom wedding.

elegant ballroom wedding elegant ballroom wedding elegant ballroom wedding elegant ballroom wedding

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Ashley & Dan’s Chic Barn Wedding

chic barn wedding

Long silk draping and chandeliers created an upscale atmosphere for Ashley & Dan’s chic barn wedding.

chic barn wedding chic barn wedding chic barn wedding chic barn wedding

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Suzana & Chris’ Intimate Garden Wedding

intimate garden wedding

The setting of Stanley Park in British Columbia was the perfect setting for Suzana & Chris’ intimate garden wedding.

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Erin & Stephen’s Boathouse Wedding

boathouse wedding

The venue was the star of the show for Erin & Stephen’s boathouse wedding.

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Julie & Denis’ Country Wedding

Photo by ChantalBenoit

Photo by Chantal Benoit


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From the photographer: July 17 is the day Julie would walk down the aisle and marry Denis at the church in Casselman.

The day started with photos of the groom and his boys in a park in Casselman.  They all looked handsome and were very entertaining.

Julie was surrounded by her family and friends and all her nephew and nieces. The bridesmaids looked radiant and their coral dress and flowers from Passiflora. Perfect color for a summer wedding. Continue reading →

Well Wed: Earthy Ethereal

Bethany and Derrick

Photographer James Moes knew he’d get along well with Bethany and Derrick even before shooting their wedding. “We had mutual friends, so we knew pretty quickly that we were kindred spirits,” says Moes. He found they were kindred spirits with like-minded tastes. “I like a wedding with quirky style, and they took their wedding to the next level with a Marie Antoinette inspired affair.” The bride’s hair became a talking point and one of Moes’ favorite design details. “Bethany’s hair.was.epic. You either loved it or hated it. I loved it.”

  • Well Wed
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  • db-reception-031
  • db-reception-032
  • db-portraits-202

Photographer: James Moes

Ceremony Venue: Aldergrove Lake Regional Park, Langley, BC

Reception Venue: Burnaby Lake Rowing Pavilion, Burnaby, BC

Wedding Planner: Alison Priebe

Caterer: Klassic Catering

Invitations: Elizabeth Mans

Dress: Romona Keveza Spring 2009

Groom Attire: MEXX, Le Chateau, H+M

Bridesmaid Attire: H+M, RW+Co