Pretty Personalised Wedding Gifts For Those That Love a Unique Present

Many wedding invitations these days come with a wedding registry. But what happens when they don’t? Or maybe your friends have chosen to elope, so you want a little gift to give when they return. Perhaps you aren’t able to attend the wedding, but you still want to send a present along. Personalised gifts are a thoughtful and quirky way to celebrate a wedding. If you haven’t got a big budget, they are also an affordable way to show you care.


The Personalised Print

Commissioning a personalised print of the wedding venue is a beautiful way to mark the bride and groom’s special day. Once you know the venue you can send a beautiful photograph of the site to a supplier. They will then turn it into an enchanting sketch print for you to gift. You are also able to include a frame and a personal message. offer some super choices and include international delivery. Double portraits are also available to include the church and the reception. Ship your gift to the bride and groom before or after the wedding as they won’t want to haul presents home after the big day.

Quirky Personal Gifts

If the bride and groom are quirky, fun and cool, why not get something personalized that they can share? Check out these creative gift ideas for funky gifts that are individual and have some meaning. If the bride and groom are foodies why not buy his and hers personalized aprons or bride and groom wine stoppers? If they have a cheeky sense of humour why not include some bride and groom themed toilet paper! It sounds bizarre, but it’s sure to ignite a giggle or two. And this is, after all, a time for laughter and celebration. Nobody wants to get too serious at a wedding, right!

Luxury Monogram

If you aren’t on a budget and you want to go extravagant, many luxury brands offer personalized luggage. This a great gift to give before the wedding, so that the bride and groom can take their new suitcases on honeymoon. Longchamp and Louis Vuitton offer beautifully designed personalized luggage for the ultimate wedding present. Remember to check in advance how the bride and groom like their monogram. They may prefer two initials, or their middle initial to be included too. Don’t forget to use the bride’s married name! If you don’t want to go for full-on luggage, why not consider personalised luggage tags and passport holders instead? Luxury British brand Smythson make some very stylish monogrammed leather passport holders. If you can’t stretch to luxury luggage, monogram towels and bath robes are also a beautiful gift for brides and grooms setting up a new home together. Choose plush, fluffy white towels and Egyptian cotton robes. Neiman Marcus offers some great six-piece set Egyptian cotton towels that can be personalized. They also offer baby towels with personalization. So if the bride and groom have children already, this is a perfect little extra gift to give.


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Don’t Buy Into Everything A ‘Perfect’ Wedding Should Have: Make Your Day Special In Its Own Way!

A mistake many brides make is buying into the wedding industries list of things every wedding must have to be beautiful. The truth is, what makes your wedding a memorable and special day isn’t following a checklist of essentials. It’s making your wedding your own. Of course, you want your big day to be just how you’ve always dreamed it would be. But that doesn’t mean you have to follow the rules of having a perfect wedding – be unique and go your own way.

It’s your big day

image00Photo source

The most important thing is to understand that it’s yours’ and your partner’s big day, no one else’s. If you try to please other people, you’ll only end up not being able to do what you want to. It’s nice to take other people’s ideas into account, but you don’t have to follow them. It’s your day, no one else’s, and it’s important to remember that.

Mindmap ideas

The first thing you need to do is mindmap ideas. Sit down with your partner and create a mind map of ideas for your wedding. If you’ve got a wedding board on your Pinterest, use this for inspiration. If not, search ‘wedding’ on Pinterest and use what comes up to get ideas. The most important thing when wedding planning is to organise a wedding that you and your partner love.

Start getting organised

image01Picture link

Once you know what type of wedding you want, the next step is to start getting organised. Don’t be afraid to pick a non-traditional wedding venue or use non-traditional vendors, make your day what you want it to be. If you’re stuck for ideas for venues and vendors, check out the Wedding Directory website. On here there are plenty of ideas of places that are ideal for weddings, many of which are interesting and unique.

When looking around a venue, envisage your wedding there. Ask yourself, would celebrating your nuptials there make you happy? If the answer is no, keeping looking for somewhere that you love the look and feel of. If you love the place, then consider booking it. As for your vendors, don’t be afraid to ask for example of their work before booking them. This is important if you want to ensure that your big day is as amazing as you dreamed it would be.

Plan out your day in detail

Planning the day of your dreams takes just that – lots of planning. So to ensure that your day is just as you imagined it would be, take the time to plan it out in detail. Don’t just presume everyone will know what you want doing when, so it’s a good idea to create a detailed plan for your special day.

That way, you can ensure that your wedding goes exactly, as you hoped it would. The speeches will be at the right time, the fireworks will go off as and when they’re meant to, and the band will start playing once the meal is over. To ensure everything goes to plan, it’s best to have a schedule in place for your big day.

So there you have it, how to make your big day, special in its own way.

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What Hollywood Can Teach Us About Weddings

Hollywood is known for its style and sophistication and what better time to inject some of this into your life than when you are getting married. We want our big day to be magical and memorable, and we can follow the example of Hollywood to do help us make our wedding dream come true.

image01Image here


The one thing Hollywood is known for, more than anything else is its’ stars! Cutting edge style and timeless inspiration mix, and by following their example your own wedding look you can go wrong. Remember that you will be the star of your wedding day, so make sure you put together a look that makes your feel like the centre of attention. Be inspired by the old Hollywood glamour of a short swing style wedding dress or an avant-garde gown that would look at home on the red carpet.

Lavish scenery

Of course, no major Hollywood production would be complete without some lavish scenery and back drops. That is why is so important to give a lot of thought to your venue and decoration. Make sure that the quality of the tables and chair that use match the elegance of your venue. Are you looking for wedding furniture for hire? Then try some of the local companies that work regularly with your venue. If you want to go big on the Hollywood glamour, then hire a ballroom that can be lit with mood lights is the way forward. Have large floral displays on the table and complete the look by getting your guests to wear black ties and balls gowns.


While most Hollywood stars complain about the paparazzi,  you will want a visual document of your special day.  After putting in so much time money and effort, you will want some great pictures so make sure that you get a good photographer that you trust. It’s quite popular now have an engagement shoot and use those photos as decoration as the wedding. You can frame your favourite and get everyone to autograph around it was a perfect keepsake of the day. Or why not use your own version of the Hollywood Blvd handprints? You can buy prints of a tree trunk with branches and an ink pad. Get everyone to dip their fingers in ink and print leaves on the tree to as a lasting memory of who attended your big day.  Then you can frame it and hang it on the wall. It’s a great alternative to a traditional guest book.

Opulent food

image00Picture source

Any Oscar party alumni will tell you that the essence of any good Hollywood part is delicious food and drinks. Hollywood starlets might not be able to eat too much because of their slinky cocktail dresses.  But I can guarantee that you guests will have a healthy appetite. You can go for a sit down formal meal, a lavish buffet or provide a wealth of hors d’oeuvres. These are super stylish when circulated the room by waiting, staff. This will allow you, guests, to enjoy delicious bites to eat, while not filling the so full that they cannot enjoy the dancing later on.

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The Most Influential Things in the Wedding Industry

The wedding industry is big business. There are a lot of different companies that you will need to speak to. To make your big day perfect. Check out these recommendation below as a guide.


Choosing the right cake is critical. You need to make sure that you get the shape, size and flavour that you want. Then, of course, there is the option of having a novelty wedding cake. Only a really specialised Baker will be able to make this for you, and that is why you need to consult with the very best. Charm City Cakes in Chicago are famous for their unusual weddings cakes. But be aware there waiting list is really long. If you live anywhere near New Jersey, then you can speak to Buddy Valastro and get Carlo’s’ Bakery to make your wedding cake. They are well known for the lavish creation topped with flowers that will make sure that your wedding day stands out in people’s minds.



Arguably your dress is the most important item that you need to purchase for your wedding day. You want to go to somewhere that makes it a priority to listen to what you want. Bridals by Lori in Atlanta is an excellent choice. Their staff are trained in dealing with difficult entourage member as well as finding you the best gown to fit your shape within your budget. If you find one they like, you can ask to be ‘jacked up’ or put in a veil to get an accurate picture of how you will look on the day.



Whether you have a band or a DJ, you will need some music at your wedding. For many people the most fun part if the wedding is dancing with their family and friends in the evening. It can certainly be the rowdiest part and is a great time for some unposed and relaxed pictures to be taken. The good thing about DJ’s like the famous Remixologists is that you can request the songs that you want playing. Where as a party band like ipop give you that thrill of a live performance. Give it some serious consideration before you make your choice.


Choosing to buy the groom men’s suit can be very costly if you have a big wedding. Cut this cost by speaking to the There you can hire the suits for your ushers and save yourself a pretty penny. You can always ask them to buy their own suits and ties of course. But that can cause friction in the wedding party, and no one needs extra stress when planning their wedding.

image02Image here


If you are talking flowers, then you will definitely need to speak to Preston Bailey, the noted floral designer. His spectacular creations range from formal to rustic. Again he is another wedding industry person that gets booked up months in advance so make sure you plan ahead if you are set on having him do your designs. If you are stuck for inspiration that there are plenty of Pinterest pages dedicated to the floral arts. There you can help you get the right floral decorations for your big day.

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Three Destination Wedding Ideas If You Want To Stay In The Americas

image01Image From: WikiCommons

Your wedding day is always going to be one of the biggest days of your life. It is this day that begins the rest of your life – setting the agenda for a long future together. The ceremony marks the bringing together, in an official way, of two lives in the hope that you will both have a long future together as one. And although it is that future that matters most, it’s obvious that you want to launch it in the best way possible.

Although it is wise not to get too stressed and caught up in the pressures of planning a wedding, there are parts of it you will want to focus on. The guest list is important, as you want the people most important to you to witness the day. The date is important, because this will be one of the most significant dates every year for the rest of your life. And of course, the location matters, because it is the setting for a lot of memories.

When planning a wedding, then, you need to think about a location that will best suit you. A location which, when you look back at your wedding photos, will frame them in the best way possible. You need a location that speaks to you of the kind of bliss you want wedded life to be.

Napa Valley

image00Image From: Flickr

Famously part of the California wine trail, the Napa Valley is a perfect place for an oenophile to take a trip. It is becoming popular as a wedding destination, too, with some stunning locations in which to tie the knot. The scenery is uniformly amazing, and a wedding in a vineyard is one of the most serene ways to celebrate the big day. Not to mention you’ll find it easy to keep the bar stocked for the reception.


image03Image From: WikiCommons

When it comes to fantasy weddings, this is a prime location for couples in Mexico, the US and indeed from all over the world. The famous white, cool sands and deep blue sea provide a memorable backdrop. Getting married on the beach, an endlessly romantic setting, is something you won’t regret. It is a setting in which dreams are forged. And just think about an open-air reception as the sun goes down. Blissful.

Phoenix, Arizona

image02Image From: Flickr

Although not everyone’s idea of the most romantic place in the world, Arizona is blessed for natural locations. The odds are in your favor for a sunny day – good for your outfit and good for the photos. Arizona has on average 299 days of sun per year. You can source all of the necessities for the ceremony as well, as the famous Camelback Flowershop is likely near by and experts, so you can get all the details right.

Every wedding has its budget, and its own specific set of priorities for the newlyweds. These are things to take into account before finalizing plans. It’s worth remembering, though, that this is a day which will live long in the memory, so it is essential to get the main aspects right.


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What Sets Your Wedding Apart From All The Others

The big day is approaching. It’s a life changing event, so it’s one that you want to have special significance. That’s why go to all the effort. We’re joining our lives together with someone else’s. It deserves a fair amount of fanfare. That’s why you want to set it apart from others. You want the event to be yours. In this article, we’re going to look at the methods we use to make it ours.


A theme

If you really want to make it unique, then you need to start with the very concept of it. Depending on how enthusiastic you are, your wedding can go as deep into themes as it likes to. However, if you’re afraid of being over-the-top, you can still keep it traditional enough. There are all kinds of themes that can done classily, from Grecian goddess to vintage. There are no rules as to what style you want for your wedding. If you’re huge fans of pop culture, there are plenty examples on the internet you can find of ways to incorporate that.


No rules, that is, besides the fact that you’re going to need somewhere to get married. Just like the theme, there are a whole range of different places you can use for your venue. You can get married at Adlington Hall and similar places for a real feeling of class and service. You can get down to earth and arrange a wedding close to nature. Then there will always be those who have dreamt of having it in a church. Find the venue that fits the kind of wedding you’ve always wanted. Elegant. Intimate. Classic. It’s all up to you.



Regardless of what kind of setup you have, flowers are usually going to play a big part in a wedding. That said, there are no specific rules as to what kind of flowers you have or how they are arranged. They say flowers are the language of love, so you might want to go for some that have a symbolic meaning to you. You may have a certain colour theme in mind for the wedding and want your flowers to fit that. The key is to get a florist to work closely with from the beginning of your planning.


The big day isn’t just about the wedding and the reception, either. If you really want to put your style into every aspect of it, you can think about what different kinds of transport to use as well. They may be clichés, but the classics like a vintage car or a horse-drawn carriage will always have their lovers. On the other hand, there are those who like to make an entrance with a bit of a  difference. A supercar for those who really want to make an impression on arrival, for example.


The music

A lot of people will put the most focus on the ceremony itself, which is natural. However, you also need to remember that there’s most often a big party following the event itself. If there’s one thing you need for a great party, it’s great music. If you have a theme, you may want a band to fit it. For example, some might like a bit of traditional folk music to go with an outdoorsy wedding. Then you need to choose a DJ who can meet your specific wishes as well as improvise to the situation. Someone who can follow the mood and help the night progress smoothly.

The photographer

The last thing you need to think about to really make it unique is the kind of memories you take away. For this, you want to make sure you have the right pick of photographers. As well as getting all the classic shots, you want a photographer who can take the occasion to make a real piece of art on your wedding day. Someone with creative ideas and the ability to handle people well. Before you hire any photographer, make sure you get a look at their past work and testimonials.

Remember that, so long as you’re happy, you can go for any kind of wedding you want. Choose what works for you and make it really memorable. There are a lot of different things you can convey with the choices you make. It can feel like a close knit family celebration, an intimate retreat or a grand event. Don’t be afraid to throw your style into it. In the end of the day, it’s about the two of you.

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Little Changes That’ll Can Make a Big Difference To Your Wedding

A wedding is a big event. There is so much to think about that sometimes the smaller details get left to the last minute or forgotten altogether. I’m here to remind you that little details can have a huge effect. So don’t forget to include them in your planning and budgeting.

Colour scheme

image00Image link

First of all, make sure that you pick a good color scheme. While many brides just go for their favorite color, you need to think a bit harder about the shades and tones you will use at the wedding. Consider the time of year. Pastels at a winter wedding can look inappropriate unless it’s a blue frost color. You also need to think about what color looks good in your venue room. For example, if there is lots of green in the room, you may not want to go for a bold red color, unless you want a Christmas theme.

Whether you hire, buy or make your centerpieces, you need to make sure that they reflect your style and echo the decor of your venue. Tall floral centerpieces often need to provide the necessary impact for a ballroom wedding. While Kilner jars filled with wildflowers are so much more suited to a rustic barn wedding. Think carefully about the vibe you want to give off with your venue and match the centerpieces to that.


Fairy lights

Fairy lights are a popular wedding trend that can have a massive impact on your wedding. There are so many ways they can be used. You could get lit drapes to provide a pretty backdrop for photos. Or you could use battery powered fairy lights inside your centerpieces. Have your guest walk in with the lights dimmed and just your centerpieces glowing. This creates such a beautiful romantic atmosphere. If you have your ceremony outside, it’s also a lovely idea to string fairy light in the trees, to give it a bit extra magic when the sun goes down.  


Getting the right favors can make such a difference to your wedding. No, i’m not talking about sugared almonds in organza bags! Why not make the favors part of the celebrations? What about ice your own gingerbread man kit for Christmas weddings? Or some bubbles to blow at the bride and groom when then arrive? Be original. Its these little details that people remember the most.


The guest book has evolved over the last few years. We are now seeing cute ideas like fingerprint trees, polaroid washing  and oversized scrabble tiles. Break the mold and come up with your own wild and wacky ideas.

Having your guest stay over

image02Another consideration for your wedding is whether your venue offers accommodation for your guest to stay over. It is the loveliest thing in the morning to come down to breakfast and be greeted with your wedding party. You get to relive any funny moments of the night before and say goodbye properly before you fly off on your honeymoon. You just don’t get that experience if everyone is staying in separate hotels.
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Avoid The Wedding Cliches: Fresh Ideas For Transport Options

At what point does tradition become a cliche? It’s a question many prospective brides find themselves asking when planning their wedding. Do you go for something for the sake of tradition, or does it become too obvious and dull to go for that?

image02Photo via WikiCommons

One such aspect of tradition is the vintage car as transport for the bride and groom. You’ll see them everywhere, from wedding pictures on Instagram to adorning the front of the wedding magazines. A bride in a big dress squeezed into a small vintage car, which obviously has ribbons on the front of it. Then the bride and groom driving off for their honeymoon in the same type of vehicle, with “just married” spray-painted for good measure. It may be the usual thing to do, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it. In fact, branching out and trying something else could make your day stand out all the more.

We’re not talking swapping one type of cliche for another either- you won’t see recommendations for a horse and carriage. Time to think outside the box when it comes to wedding transport.

If You’re Practical: A Mini Bus

It doesn’t have to be the kind of minibus usually used for school trips; it is possible to find more attractive options. Nevertheless, it’s hard to overlook the practicality. You can fit the entire wedding party into the same vehicle, so no one gets lost. If the bride is planning on a big dress, then you lessen the risk of closing the door on it.

If You’re Anything But Practical: A Supercar

image04Photo by Axion23

There are some brand names which just scream luxury and indulgence: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley… the list goes on and on. Why not add a little of that high-end feel to your day with Supercare Hire by Prestige Keys?  You’re not going to be able to transport lots of people, but the happy couple can drive off into the sunset in style with the glorious roar of an engine!

If You Like Things Retro: A 70s Camper Van

image03Photo by Ben30


Touching on something from the old school can bring a fun and kitschy twist to your day that’s well worth exploring. The 70s camper van is iconic, and predominantly for the right reasons. To marry the theme together, you can ensure there’s plenty of era-specific music at the reception.

If You Want Something Fun: A Golf Cart

image00Photo by Junior Libby

Obviously, if you’re a golf-obsessed couple, then this is an even more perfect choice. Even if you’re not, golf carts have their upsides- they don’t have doors so nothing can get trapped, and they are ideal for short trips. You’re going to need to rely on the weather being good, but if you live in a location where that’s possible, go for it.

If You Can’t Wait To Get The Fun Started: A Party Bus

image01Photo by Tradalj


All of the above give a few different ideas outside of the obvious. If you’ve read through them and thought: “hey that’s great and all, but let’s get on with the celebration!” – then a party bus is your friend. Equipped with a bar and plenty of room for several guests, you can get the party started before there’s even been an exchange of vows.
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Why Have A Wedding?

I was talking with a good friend the other day, and she just couldn’t understand why I’d want to get married. As living together is the norm these days, there are many people that share her view. But I’m here to tell you that having a wedding is still an important tradition that both you as a couple and your friends and family can get a lot out of.

Make a commitment

image01Picture link

Firstly while I know marriage isn’t for everyone, I really respect those who do tie the knot. It’s not easy to have a successful wedding or a successful marriage, so kudos to those who do both. These traditions both take a lot of work and compromise. I am old fashioned at heart, though. I sincerely believe that ‘two are better than one,’ because we can rely on each other, and help each other out when things get tough. Making that formal commitment shows everyone in your life than you are serious about your relationship.

Have a big party

While some people think that the only reason to get married is to have a big party, most people entered into the union a bit more seriously than that. Of course, there is nothing wrong with having a celebration as well.

image02Image here

You’ll need to plan like crazy and book a venue, musical entertainment, and food. Remember that anything you are scheduling for a wedding will get booked up fast. Speak to your chosen caterers at least a year in advance and check that your wedding venue is available for the date you want. Also, be sure to pay your deposit and confirm with your wedding DJ in plenty of time.  But be careful that it doesn’t all become about the party and you forget the marriage.

Also, it’s important to keep an eye on the cost of everything. Choose things that you like or have significance for you as a couple rather than to please or impress your guests.

Celebrate your love

Another reason why you should have a wedding is to celebrate your love for each other. Life can be tough; families don’t get together as often as they should and what better way to bring everyone together than for a family wedding? A wedding is a fantastic time for your nearest and dearest to offer you advice and show their love and support for your relationship. Get everyone to write down their recommendations to the newlyweds at the reception. Or if you are on a budget, get friends and families to help put by bringing cakes or food for the reception, which makes for a lovely community atmosphere.

Bring the families together


Remember when you get married, it’s not just you and your husband that are joining, but the two families as well. A wedding is a nice formal way of bringing these two groups together. I love the ‘pick a seat, not a side’ signs as it really shows the melding of the two families. Just don’t let uncle bob drink too much and embarrass you with his dad dancing!
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Embracing The Most Popular Wedding Trends Of The Year

Wedding planning is, without a doubt, one of the most stressful things you will ever do. It’s also one of the best things you’ll ever do, but it’s no secret that weddings can be incredibly stressful. The problem is that there’s so much that needs to be organized and planned. Which means that there’s a lot of pressure to get the ball rolling as early as possible.

The only issue with this is that for a lot of brides, knowing what type of wedding they want can be a real issue. Should you go for a themed affair or is something more traditional a better idea? To help you get started planning the most amazing wedding, we thought we would share some of the most popular wedding trends of the year.

image00Image credit


Food and drink:

These days, everyone’s a foodie. If you want your wedding breakfast to be a success, it must be Instagrammable – aka beautiful in every way. Of course, taste is also important, but this year it’s all about artsy presentation.

This season, it’s all about sit down meals. But we’re not talking classic meals. Oh no, this time around couples are opting for make-your-own meals with servers bringing a selection of foods to each table. This allows guests to pick what they want to eat and what they’d rather not have.

As for the champagne reception, champagne is no longer the drink of choice. Instead, most couples are opting to serve his and hers cocktails. These often tend to comprise of a mixture of the couple’s favorite cocktails.

Another trend that’s seen a lot of traction this year is adult ice lollies. A great refreshment option, many couples are opting to have frozen cocktails on offer for their guests. If kids are in tow, it’s also worth serving a child-friendly option as well.


As well as having a wedding photographer in tow, a lot of couples are now opting to get a little more creative with their photos.

This year, photo booths are once again all the rage. These are a great way to make some of the day’s photos fun and casual. Plus, the props that most photo booths come with add that extra element of fun to photos.

Once again, personalized Instagram hashtags and Snapchat filters for weddings are another big thing. With lots of couples opting to create their own hashtag to share with guests, as well as investing in their own customized Snapchat filter.


Just like last year, the on-trend decor is pieces that are smart, stylish and fun. Floral displays are a big thing this year, as is beautiful and bold lighting. Chandeliers, hanging light bulbs, and fairy lights are all popular lighting options. This year, lots of couples are opting for colored lighting to give their venue a soft glow.

Once again, the hottest decor trend for weddings is artsy displays. The more beautiful and unique the decor, the better. The pieces don’t necessarily have to be new; vintage decor has become an incredibly popular trend.

So there you have it, all the most popular wedding trends of the season.

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Here’s How Your Bridesmaids Can Help You Plan Your Wedding

image00Image: Pixabay

Feeling stressed about your wedding plans? Most future brides do get quite anxious as they wonder how they will organise everything. But you don’t have to get yourself too worried. After all, there are certain people with important roles in your wedding. And some of their responsibilities include helping you out with all your planning! Are your bridesmaids ready to get to work? Here are some tasks they can take care of for you.

Sort Out Photos

You’ll want your big day documented through photos. How you get these photos is entirely up to you. Most couples prefer to hire a professional photographer. While others like to get their guests involved with disposable cameras. Let your bridesmaids know how you want to do things. If you like the sound of disposable cameras, get them to go out and buy a load. Want a professional? Ask one of your bridesmaids to call a few different ones for quotes.

Book The Band

Planning on having a band for your evening entertainment? Get your bridesmaids to start looking for a great one to get everyone on their feet dancing! Wedding bands are totally diverse, but many specialise in singing covers. If your bridesmaids know your taste in music, they will definitely be able to find a band that will suit you and your partner. If you don’t trust them, just get them to phone up different bands and ask for availability and quotes.

image01Image: Pixabay

Hen Party

It is your bridesmaids’ responsibility to organise you a hen party that you will never forget! Obviously, they may want to keep most of it a surprise, but there are some things you should advise them on. Tell them your preferred date for the big do. Also, let them know if you would rather have a night out or weekend away. Leave all the small details to them. This is one thing you don’t need to worry about organising!


Your bridesmaids might have some opinions on the flowers that they will be holding. After all, they need to match their dresses. Take them with you when you visit the florist so you can all chat about your options. Pooling your ideas is a great way to make sure everyone has a say in the decision. But don’t forget that, as the bride, you will have the final say!

Seating Plan

When you are planning the reception, you will need to think about a seating plan for the guests. Your bridesmaids can be a big help when it comes to this. They will probably know most of your friends so can advise you on where to place them. If you are related to a bridesmaid, then even better as they will also know your other relatives quite well. They can help you decide which uncles and aunties should sit together!

So next time you are feeling slightly stressed about your wedding plans, don’t forget your bridesmaids! They can be a great support and will also help you get things done! So now you can feel less stressed and concentrate on enjoying your big day!

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Choosing an engagement ring she’ll absolutely love!

Are you thinking of popping the question to your other half? Planning a proposal and shopping for an engagement ring can be difficult. Here are some tips and tricks for choosing the perfect engagement ring. This short guide will tell you everything you need to know about buying an engagement ring she’ll love!
image00Flickr image

Give her what she wants. – You don’t have to buy a sparkling, diamond solitaire ring just because tradition says. Listen every time your other half is talking about what type of jewelry she likes. Get her a ring that reflects her style and personality. Perhaps consider something different, such as turquoise engagement rings for a unique gift!

The four C’s. – If you do decide to choose a diamond ring, do plenty of research. You might be wondering what the difference is between the £100 ring and a £10,000 ring. There is more than meets the eye! Price is based on the four C’s – cut color, clarity, and karat.

What metal should you choose? – Platinum, silver or gold are popular options for rings. Researching their strengths and weaknesses is important. While silver is cheaper than platinum, it does scratch easier. But platinum doesn’t polish up as well as silver, but it is tougher.

How much should you spend? – Much debated, is the fifth C! Knowing how much to spend can be a difficult question to answer. Tradition suggested two months salary was expected for a ring. In recent years, this has changed. Whatever you’re comfortable with is suitable. There’s no need to spend the world if the ring is right!

Find out her ring size. – If the ring fits the first time she put it on, it’ll make the moment even more special. Knowing her ring size save her having to be without her ring for a week while it is getting resized. It’s easy to find out her ring size, though. Just pick up one of her favorite pieces from her jewelry box and take it down to your local jewelers. They’ll tell you what size the ring is, without having to buy in their store.

Choosing a jeweler. – There are so many stores, with rings of different prices. Where do you start? Firstly, go into your local jewelers and see what they have to offer. You might even want to drive to the next city, in case you get caught shopping! Talking to experts in the profession is a great way to learn more about what ring is right for her. Don’t forget to look online, too. There are lots of reputable stores that you can buy engagement rings.

Picking the ring – Once you know what type of ring you want to buy her, and know her ring size, you are ready to shop. Choosing a ring can be a difficult task because there are so many options. Consider taking a trusted friend or family member with you to help choose the ring for your fiancé. Make sure you take someone you trust and respect, though, you don’t want the surprise to be spoilt!

Best of luck shopping!

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Every Bride Needs This Key List Of Wedding Accessories

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As a bride to be you’ve got a lot to think about and no one is denying that planning a wedding is stressful. It is, but it’s also a lot of fun, and that’s mainly because you get to go on a massive shopping trip. There’s a lot of different items and accessories that you’ll need to buy before the big day of the wedding. These range from those little things that make you look like a princess to a few classical traditions. But here is the ultimate list that you need.

Earrings, Necklaces And Bracelets

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You can’t be a beautiful princess bride without a few, well placed and selected pieces of jewellery. Obviously, you don’t want to wear too much jewellery because it will take away from the stunning stress you should be wearing. But you want a little on each main feature. Start by thinking about the earrings. Pearl drop earrings are the perfect choice because they are both simplistic and beautiful.

To go with your pearl drops, you might want to look into a pearl necklace or bracelet. It’s not a bad idea to make sure that your jewellery matches in this way. It brings together your style and makes sure everything looks as though it fits together.

Remember, when choosing jewellery, you do need to think about colours and shades. Don’t pick anything that clashes with your overall outfit or the dress that you have chosen. If you’re wearing a white dress, the jewellery should be silver, white gold or platinum. Continue reading →

Facts Every Bride Should Know About Wedding Beauty

Are you one of the lucky brides to be that is getting married soon? Read on for some beauty facts that all brides need to know to make the best of their big day.

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Getting a professional makeup artist could help keep you calm.

Now you might find it surprising but getting a professional to do you make up isn’t it was expensive as you think. Of course, there is nothing wrong with doing your own, make-up, but you will need to practice beforehand. However if you do decide to put your bridal make-up in the hands of a professional, you get the benefit of all their experience and knowledge. Having a professional makeup artist can also take the stress off of you, as having your makeup done can create a peaceful space, just before the you leave for the ceremony. You also get a trial so you can see what your look is going to look like for the day itself and make any changes you want.

Natural beauty

Natural beauty is the look that most brides go for. Think of the look as your best natural self. That means out with the harsh eyeliner and bold colours and in with more natural colours and tones. For an effective natural beauty look, you want to pick colours that compliment your skin and hair tone. So warm coloured skin tones would use olives and peach colours. Cooler skin tones might go for white and frosty pinks. A more natural false lash, can also help your eyes seem bigger on your wedding day, without any danger of that spidery look.
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Making Sure You Look Astonishing On Your Wedding Day

On your wedding day, all eyes are going to be fixed on you for the duration of the day. It won’t matter so much about your flower arrangements or colour scheme. Although those things are important, you and your partner are going to be the stars of the show. This is why you want to make sure you look simply astonishing. These tips will help you!

Plan Everything Far Enough In Advance

Make sure you plan everything far enough in advance so that you get the appointments you want. You want to take your nail booking as seriously as your cake booking. Make sure you consider everything that will contribute to the way you look on the big day to make a huge impact on your guests.

Make Sure Your Outfits Fit

Of course your outfits need to fit. There’s no rule that says you have to wear a suit or a dress. In fact, some couples are wearing whatever they like. However, you do need to make sure they fit. Wearing something too big or too small will just look ridiculous. Get a good tailor.

Look At Portfolios Before Booking Treatments

Before you book treatments, whether it’s nails or makeup, make sure you look at portfolios first. After all, how will you know the quality of the treatments if you don’t? Not all therapists and beauticians are created equal, so check them out first. Although you want good deals, the price shouldn’t be the deciding factor. It’s always worth paying a little more to get a good job done.


Practice Posing And Smiling Before The Big Day

You might have your posing and smiling down, but you want to make sure you’re happy with the pictures on your big day. Consider practicing your best posing and angles so you get some great shots.
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