7 Tips for Planning the Perfect Bachelorette Party

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Much responsibility falls on the head of the chief bridesmaid. One of these responsibilities is planning a fabulous bachelorette party. Follow our tips to create a wonderful evening that the bride will remember for a lifetime.

  1. Talk to the Bride

It is important to throw a party that the bride will enjoy. Have a chat with her about the things she does and doesn’t like. Some brides will relish a wild and raucous night. Others may prefer something a little more subtle. You don’t need to go into the fine detail, and you will probably want to keep some of your ideas a secret. But knowing what she will and won’t enjoy is a good place to start.

  1. Attendees

It is important to work out who will be attending early in the planning process. You can then tailor the evening accordingly. Some activities may not be suitable for all attendees.

Make sure the key invitees can attend before finalizing the date. Make sure you ask for RSVPs and follow up if people don’t respond. Continue reading →

Julie & Denis’ Country Wedding

Photo by ChantalBenoit

Photo by Chantal Benoit


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From the photographer: July 17 is the day Julie would walk down the aisle and marry Denis at the church in Casselman.

The day started with photos of the groom and his boys in a park in Casselman.  They all looked handsome and were very entertaining.

Julie was surrounded by her family and friends and all her nephew and nieces. The bridesmaids looked radiant and their coral dress and flowers from Passiflora. Perfect color for a summer wedding. Continue reading →

Planning a Proposal? Read Our Guide to Coloured Diamonds and Their Meanings

If you are planning to propose this summer, there will be a lot on your mind. You will be thinking about how to make the proposal just perfect. Thinking about the perfect setting for the proposal, plus all of the special words that you will want to get across. Then, of course, there is the engagement ring to think about. Your other half may have an ideal ring in mind. There might be a setting or gem that they have always dreamed of having. If there isn’t something in particular that they would like, you could think about something a little different.

A truly unique and special ring could be a coloured diamond. It makes such a change from a classic clear diamond. It might not have been a choice you would have gone for but there are special meanings to the colour of diamonds. Perhaps there is one that is perfect just for the two of you? You could even theme your wedding around the colour of the diamond. The bridesmaids’ dresses could be in that colour, as well as perhaps the flowers.


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That’s Entertainment: Keeping Your Wedding Guests Happy

Your wedding should be fun for everyone who’s invited. You might have people from all generations turning up, so keeping them all happy won’t necessarily be easy. How do you entertain Great Aunt Sally while at the same time keeping tiny cousin Timmy from getting bored? Of course, there’s usually music to listen and dance to at the reception. However, many people like to go beyond that to entertain their guests. Not everyone wants to dance, and it can be difficult to find music anyone wants to sit and listen to. If you want to go further, try out some of these ideas.

Getting the Music Right

First, you should start by getting the music right. It’s essential to have some kind of music or it won’t be a real party. Without a band, DJ, or string quartet, everyone will start thinking about going home mighty early. Choosing the right music can be so hard. Firstly, you need to think about your budget. DJs can be expensive but live music costs even more. Of course, it’s only fair that your performers are paid well for their work. As well as your what you can afford, you need to think about what your guests will like. More importantly, what you enjoy matters too. It’s also essential to consider the venue. In some places, the acoustics might not be suitable for certain types of music.

image00Pic by geralt

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Preparing For Your Wedding: The Things Nobody Will Tell You

Preparing for your wedding is a very long process. That doesn’t mean it isn’t enjoyable; it just takes time to plan everything and make sure that it’s going to go the way you want it to go. You probably have a good idea in your head of how your wedding will look, what will happen, and things like that. But there are a few things nobody will tell you about preparing for your wedding. Read on to learn more:

Nothing Will Ever Go 100% To Plan

Nothing will ever go 100% to plan on the day, no matter how much you try. Something small is bound to go a little wrong at least. There’s so much that goes into planning a wedding, that something is likely to be not quite right on the day, in your eyes at least. You should realise it’s nothing to get too upset about and it’s one of those things. If you’re worried something important will go wrong, it could be a good idea to have a plan B.

You’re Getting On An Emotional Roller Coaster

You’re getting on an emotional roller coaster from start to finish when you’re preparing for your wedding. Seriously, you’ll dreg up issues you’ve had for years, whether they seem to be directly related to weddings or not. Make sure you’re prepared for this. Rather than letting your emotions get the better of you, make sure you’re prepared to work through them. Otherwise you could end up turning into bridezilla and alienating your loved ones.

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Excellent Tips for a Sharp-looking Groom

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When it comes to wedding outfits, the focus is often all on the bride’s dress. But there’s a man getting married too. In fact, sometimes there’s two of them and there is no bride. It’s important to pay attention to the groom’s attire just as much as the bride’s. Men are allowed to have their special day, even if they don’t want to look as pretty as a princess. Even if they’re not interested in much else, they should at least care about what they’re going to wear. Men’s suits and tuxedos might all look the same to some people. However, they can come in vastly different styles and wedding attire goes through different trends. Use the tips below to make the best decision on the groom’s outfit.

Decide Between Formal or Casual

The first thing to think about is whether to dress incredibly formally or go with relatively casual. A tuxedo is a classic option for some people. Maybe you even want to go for a top hat and tails. You have to look at the rest of your wedding for inspiration. If everything else is more casual, you don’t want to be too dressed up. A tuxedo might not look great if the bride is going to be in a cocktail dress. You might not even want to wear a suit and tie. A more laid back groom might prefer to wear a jacket and open collar or just a waistcoat.
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Essential Advice For Sorting Out Your Wedding Invitations!

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Having guests at your wedding makes the celebrations even more special. Therefore, you need to invite people to attend your big day. Invitations can be very stressful, so you should be sorting them out asap. Here’re some essential tips for sorting out your invites.

Sort out your guest list

Before you send out invitations, you need to create a list of people who you want to be at your wedding. Sit down with your partner and discuss how many people you are going to invite each. It’s important also to check with the venue how many they can hold. If there is anyone you want to invite but haven’t got the room for, you can always make a reserve list. Then if people drop out, you can always invite them then. Make sure you don’t let others interfere with who you both want at the wedding. Continue reading →

How to Have an Awesome Bachelorette Party without Leaving the House

For a lot of people, the run up to the wedding is almost as exciting as the big day itself. The bachelorette or hen party (depending on where you are in the world) is always a fun event to look forward to. But it’s only fun if you get to do what you want. Being dragged out to a night you won’t enjoy because your maid of honor thinks it’s the done thing isn’t an enjoyable experience. Of course, some women can’t wait to have a screaming night on the town. However, if you’re more of a homebody or you’re sticking to a budget, you might prefer to stay in. Try out these tips if you want to plan a night in with your girls without boring them to death.


image01By Sonya Green

Choose Activities

There’s nothing wrong with staying in for your party, but you need something to do. Sitting around tapping your fingers isn’t going to be much fun. You should think about what you’re going to do to keep everyone entertained. It doesn’t have to be a strictly organized activity. You can do something like crafts or playing games. However, you can just as easily stock up on wine and cocktails and talk and laugh the night away. If you know you have a tendency to be a bit commandeering, try not to turn the party into a chore for everyone. Keep it lighthearted, even if you choose an activity to follow.

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What Are Your Choices For A Wedding Venue?

Getting married is supposed to be the most wonderful day of your life. But getting to the ceremony takes months of planning and preparation. It can all be quite stressful for the poor bride! One of the most difficult things to arrange is the venue itself. Finding the right place on the date of your choice can be harder than you think. Many of the best wedding venues are often booked up months and years in advance.

There are alternatives, though. Rather than change your preferred date, why not change your destination? A destination wedding provides you with far more options too. Some places allow you to wed outdoors in the garden or even on the beach. And if you can guarantee good weather for your wedding, wouldn’t you be tempted?

Photography by Sergey81

One of the things that put so many couples off a destination wedding is getting the guests to come. Some brides feel it is necessary to cover the travel and accommodation costs for their guests when they are marrying overseas. For the bride and groom, it’s easy. Most newlyweds stay on at the destination to enjoy their romantic honeymoon. But many guests have to make the journey home again to get back to their families and jobs. Continue reading →

Big Ideas, Tiny Budget?

When you’re planning your big day, you know how important it is to have everything “just so.” After all, it’s one of the most important occasions of your entire life, and you want to make sure that everything is absolutely spot on. Almost every little grows up wanting to feel like a princess on such a special day! Your nuptials are a once in a lifetime experience, one to treasure and remember for the rest of your life. The man of your dreams has proposed, you’ve said yes, and now you’re looking forward to getting that dress on, and walking down the aisle. Of course, you want everything to be wonderful, who wouldn’t?


But, it’s all easier than said than done. Wedding planning is a lot of hard work, and you’ll find there may be plenty of tears along the way. What can make it more difficult, though, is if you’re suffering from a severe lack of cash flow. Getting married does not come cheap, that’s for sure! But don’t despair. Just because you’re not rolling in it, doesn’t mean that you’re going to have to make sacrifices. Yes, you may have to be a little flexible and take one or two compromises, but let’s face it, that’s life. Nothing comes easy, and even if you had all the money in the world, it’s not going to guarantee that things go to plan. It may make things easier, but ultimately, what will be will be. Continue reading →

Wedding Flowers: Everything You Need To Know To Help Your Wedding Bloom

Picture From Pexels

Picture From Pexels

Flowers are a fantastic way to liven up your wedding and bring a burst of colour to your big day. Even though they aren’t one of the main things guests will notice, your wedding won’t be complete without them. Imagine walking down the aisle without a beautiful bouquet! So it is very important to get it right when you choose your flowers. Here is what you need to know.

Match Your Bouquet To Your Dress

Your bridal bouquet should be a similar style to your wedding dress. Otherwise it could stand out a bit too much. If it does, it can take attention away from your gorgeous dress. There is an easy rule of thumb to follow when you choose your bouquet. Keep the size relative to the size of your dress. So if the dress is big, pick a big bunch of flowers. If you have opted for a slim-fitting dress, stick to a simple, smaller bouquet.

Be Experimental With Colours

Some people think that the colour of the flowers should be the same as the shades of your whole wedding’s colour scheme. However, this just boils down to personal taste. If you are a bit more adventurous, then you can be adventurous and use a variety of shades and colours in your decor. Be daring and opt for bright red and orange flowers. Or, if you’d rather demure and discreet bunches, pick blue and purple bunches. If you aren’t too sure about what will work best for you, speak to professionals like Enchanted Florist.

Personalise Your Bouquet

To help your big day stand out from the crowd during wedding season, you’ll be adding your very own touches to it. The bridal bouquet is perfect for personalising, and there are many different and fun ways to do so. Many people choose to attach jewellery that has a sentimental significance to them and their family. You could even add some flowers from your parent’s or grandparent’s garden.

Think About Budgets

At the end of the day, you can only buy the flowers that you can afford. So there is no point getting any grand ideas beyond your means! However, there are ways you can have beautiful flowers for not much money. Grow your own! This idea isn’t quite as daft as it may sound and many couples do it for their big days. It is a great way to add your own touches to the wedding, and it can certainly let you and your partner’s personalities shine through the decor!

Consider Numbers

If you know how many people you know will be attending your wedding, you will know how many flowers to order or grow. You should have already figured out how many bridesmaids you’ll have. They will need their own bouquets as well! Don’t forget any flower girls either. They should each have some flowers to hold throughout the ceremony.

Gorgeous flower arrangements will help your wedding day look picture-perfect. Thanks to flowers, you big day will be a blooming success!

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Avoiding ‘Disappointed Bride Syndrome’

“Oh, Doctor, please help! I’m planning my wedding but keep feeling frustrated and annoyed with the outcome of different tasks I’m doing. What is the matter with me?

“Well, Miss, I believe you may be suffering from something called Disappointed Bride Syndrome. Let’s talk through some of the causes and symptoms, and see if we can find you a cure…”image01

Disappointed Bride Syndrome Cause Number 1:

Lackluster invitations that you’re kind of embarrassed to send out


Annoyance, frustration, and regret


Your wedding invitations set the tone for the rest of the wedding. Let’s be honest; hastily done and shoddily designed doesn’t suggest the best wedding day! Unless you design stationery for a living, the chances are that you wedding invitations will become a wedding task out of your control. You’ll have to hand over the reins to somebody else, be that a family friend or a local company. Because you’re not as in charge as you might be used to, what you end up with could be really disappointing. And, if a friend or family member has taken the time to help you with them, you’ll feel obliged to use them whatever they turn out like!


There is one way you can take back control and design invitations you’re actually proud of and excited by. That is by designing them yourself online. That way you get access to all the same tools that professionals use, making for a professional finish. When making wedding cards by Paper Themes, for example, you can customize them with your own colors, fonts, and images. This means that they arrive both professional and personalized. See, you can have both!


Disappointed Bride Syndrome Cause Number 2:

Gorgeous wedding shoes… that you can’t walk in!


Sore feet, wincing, moaning


Every bride wants the perfect wedding shoes to accompany her on her big day. They are what she will spend the day gliding around in. They are what she will stand in as she makes a life-long commitment to another man or woman. Except, every step she takes, she can’t help but mumble… ‘ouch!’


First off, you need to make sure your wedding shoes actually fit! Yes, they might be the most beautiful pair of shoes you have ever seen. However, if they are too big or too small, you can’t wear them. Once you’ve got the right size, go about making them comfier. Heel grips help keep your heel from slipping out. Insoles give you cushioning for your feet. And half insoles focus on the balls of your feet to stop them from getting sore. Try out a combination of these methods until you find the right one for you.


Disappointed Bride Syndrome Cause Number 3:

A DJ that seems hell-bent on playing the whole Spice Girls back catalog by midnight.


Terrible music, cringing guests and nobody on the dancefloor.


The ceremony was moving and uplifting. The reception venue looks stunning. The wedding breakfast was delicious. And now, the evening is approaching, and the DJ or band you’ve hired has taken to the floor. Everybody gathers around, excited for a dance and… the music is terrible!


Preventative measures should be taken to make sure your wedding music is perfect! Research your wedding music providers meticulously. Don’t just go with the reviews on their site. These might be biased. See if you can use social media to get in touch with some of their past clients instead. Ask whether or not they played the music that they couple asked for or not. Same goes for if you’re hiring a band.

Before the big day arrives, if you want control over the music played or songs sung, make this clear. Give them a set-list, and be transparent about the fact that they shouldn’t divert from it.


Disappointed Bride Syndrome Cause Number 4:

Wedding party members that don’t pull their weight.


Hurt feelings and chaos


A bridesmaid that starts an arguments at bachelorette hen party, or a groomsman that loses the rings. We would list more, but they might cause a nervous breakdown at the thought!


Just like your wedding playlist, you need to take steps early on to make sure that you don’t suffer from this disappointed bride scenario. Your wedding party should be supportive, uplifting and loyal at all times. This goes for your maid of honor, your bridesmaids, your groomsmen, you best man or men and your ushers. Every single one of these people needs to be utterly reliable. It is your big day, not there’s. As a member of your wedding party, it is their responsibility to help you out. With this mind, don’t take anyone on who you feel might let you down or disappoint you.


Contributed by Grace Holliday

4 Wedding Items To Buy At Least 4 Months Before The Big Day

If your wedding is on the horizon, times are probably as stressful as they are exciting right now! Here are four important items you need to buy at least four months before you wedding. Read on to find out what they are. Untitled

Your wedding rings

Jewellery shop owners often report couples coming in two or three days before their wedding to buy their wedding rings. And, in some cases, they leave disappointed. This is because some wedding rings have to be ordered, and can take up to eight weeks to be ready for collection! Cutting it fine when it’s something so important is not a wise decision. Start shopping around for rings at least four months before the wedding. This gives you lots of time to try on different styles and to get your favourite one ordered. Don’t just look in-store, mind. Look online too. They can sometimes offer faster delivery, such as 2-3 weeks, like with these Tacori wedding rings. Continue reading →

Chelsea & Cameron in Beautiful Lace

Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0797_lowToday’s romanic southern plantation wedding happened at Magnolia Gardens in Charleston, North Carolina by photography company Valerie & Co. Photographers.  We loved the lace and drapery theme throughout the celebration! From the Bride & Groom:

Chelsea Hébert and Cameron Moore- married July 19th, 2014 at Magnolia Gardens. Our love story started over three years ago. Cameron is from Knoxville, Tennessee, and moved to Charleston for a landscaping job, not knowing a soul. I was born and raised in Charleston, but wanted to meet new people.Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HebertMooreWedding0053_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0953_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0497_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0417_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0410_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0407_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0404_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0387_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0373_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0372_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0369_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0308_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HebertMooreWedding0116_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HebertMooreWedding0062_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HebertMooreWedding0037_low In May 2011, we both decided to take a chance, and joined the online dating site, Plenty of Fish. From that first date to the Riverdog’s game, we knew we had found something truly special. We instantly felt comfortable with each other, and every moment was filled with talking and laughing. We became pretty inseparable after that!On May 19th, 2013 after two years of dating, he popped the question at the end of my parent’s dock on John’s Island- one of our favorite places to spend time. When he opened the box, I was blown away. I may be partial, but I think it’s the most gorgeous engagement ring on the planet! It is unique, romantic, and vintage. Continue reading →

Inspired by 50 Shades of Grey

This 50 Shades of Grey inspired wedding jumped out at us this morning. What do you think?__Andie_Freeman_Photography_5020Shades111_low__Andie_Freeman_Photography_5020Shades010_low __Andie_Freeman_Photography_5020Shades032_low __Andie_Freeman_Photography_5020Shades040_low __Andie_Freeman_Photography_5020Shades047_low __Andie_Freeman_Photography_5020Shades053_low








From the photographer: We drew our inspiration for this shoot from the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy. Instead of really following the story, we wanted to focus on a wedding inspiration that was truly modern with a palette of white, black, and many shades of grey. The bride’s dress was a beautiful platinum grey Sherri Hill gown from High Maintenance Formalwear and our groom wore a dark grey Tony Bowls tuxedo from Perno’s Formalwear. Of course, he needed to sport a Rolex (from Chadlee Jewelers)! Her hair was pulled back in a simple bun and her makeup featured greys with a pop of Marsala on her lips and nails. She had beautiful glittering grey stiletto platforms. The bouquet and the boutonniere consisted of only white calla lilies. Our reception table was set up in the Grand Hall of the museum adjacent to a beautiful sculpture by Barry Tinsley. The table was covered in a black pin tuck tablecloth with a mirrored runner. On each end, we placed tall, black candelabras. There were two calla lily and white rose centerpieces in square glass vases. Our escort cards were hand lettered paint samples that you can pick up at your paint store! All were in different shades of grey. Our place settings were white with a platinum rim. Love bottle openers and XOXO bookmarks from Kate Aspen adorned each place setting. We had a ruffled ombre grey cake with a sugar calla lily from Classic City Confections on a silver bar cart.

50Shades Wedding Shoot from James Dunn on Vimeo.

Photographer:  Andie Freeman Photography//Equipment Rentals: Barron’s Rental Center//Other: Barry Tinsley//Makeup Artist: Bombshell Creations//Jewelry: Chandlee Jewelers//Cake Designer: Classic City Confections//Museum:Georgia Museum of Art//Dress Store: High Maintenance//Cinema and Video: Image Media Works//Favors and Gifts: Kate Aspen//Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Perno’s Formal Wear//Dress Designer: Sherri Hill//Event Planner: Southern Sophistication Designs//Paper Props: Sweet E’s Celebrations//Model:Tessa Thompson//Jewelry: TK Anderson Designs//Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Tony Bowls//Model:Yarik Mettlesome//

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